Fire Damage Photo Gallery

fire soot on the ceiling and walls of living room

Remaining Fire Damage from a Past Fire

We got called out to this fire damage that was not able to be fully remediated by the homeowner which is why they gave us a call. It was a big fire loss but we were able to handle it and help out the homeowner

tool set next to a burned storage closet located in the garage

Fire Damage in a Garage

A fire broke out in this garage due to a electrical malfunction. We were able to help out this homeowner within a couple of week since we performed the reconstruction as well.

black soot above the kitchen area that has kitchen equipment

Fire Damage in an Apartment

A small fire broke out in the kitchen of a apartment. It was able to be contained to a small area. We were able to remediate the area within 3 days.

house with vines and flowers surround the outside of the house

Board up Windows.

We were called out to this job to get the windows and doors boarded up since there was fire that occurred there but was contained by the fire department. The owner decided to board it up mine while they decide what to do to the house.

insulation falling from the ceiling of a garage

Fire in a Garage

There was a fire that started of in the garage of this two story house. We were able to remediate the whole house since it got smoke damage from the fire. 

Fire damage in a kitchen. Fridge along the black soot

Fire Damage

There was a small fire damage that created it a large amount of damage to a student dormitory. we were able to fully remediate the whole building since the fire caused water damage as well.