Storm Damage Photo Gallery

green machines scattered around the kitchen

Storm Damage in a kitchen

With all the heavy rain that the central coast received there was a lot of water damage doen to properties. In this case there was a large water leak from the rain that affected the kitchen's floor and drywall. 

3 chairs with boxes on top of it in the living room.

Flood Damage

a significant amount of water entered this house. We had to remove the wood flooring and drywall to make sure that the area was fully dry in order to start the restoration.

green living room walls with furniture along the wall

Storm Damage

Carpet and walls were affected by water in this house. We have to remove the carpet and a certain amount of drywall in order to fully dry the area. The homeowner were happy with the end results.

blue room with bedroom furniture around the room

Storm Damage in bedroom

There was a flood in this city due to the amount of rain there was. This property had a significant amount of water damage in some rooms. As for this room only the carpet was affected which has to be removed.

ceiling paint peeling with garage closets damaged

Water damage in Garage

There was severe water damage in this garage due to rain. It was able to be contained which was good. It was not a large job but we were happy to help out the homeowner with this damage.

large mold spot on the right corner of the room

Storm damage

There was a small storm damage in this property due to a small flood that occurred in their area. We were able to extract water and start the mitigation immediately in this property.